When it comes to home repairs, who can you trust?

  • Did you know fraud occurs in 10% of property-casualty insurance losses? (Source: insurancefraud.org)
  • Some contractors falsely inflate repair costs or require unnecessarily large, upfront payments for services, then fail to provide those services.
  • Some companies knock on your door and rush you to sign paperwork to repair your house to scam you and your insurance company
  • “Storm Chasers” look for vulnerable homeowners desperate to repair their homes following a storm.

Protect Yourself Against Home Repair Fraud!

BuildSOS was created as a resource for you, the homeowner, to identify good, local contractors who have self-verified to prove they are who they claim to be, and have the licensing and insurance to do business.

Why Register with BuildSOS?
  • Make sure your contractor is legitimate
  • Get the best value for your repair dollars
  • Protect your biggest asset
Benefits of BuildSOS
  • Become part of the solution to make your home, and your community, more resilient to natural disasters
  • Facilitate any future claims processes with Gulf State Insurance
  • Reduce your anxiety in the next extreme weather event

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